High-Impact Mobile Billboard Advertising

Each side of the Loud Media Mobile Billboards trucks are actually made up of ten scrolling billboards that move and change between 15 and 60 seconds per ad. Our advertising is eye-catching from its initial impression and keeps your eyes captive until the next sign appears. The billboards are illuminated (back-lit), making them highly effective for night time advertising and highly visible from considerable distances. Our mobile billboard trucks travel on predetermined high traffic, high visibility routes to promote maximum brand awareness. For special promotions we can customize the routes or the location according to your requirements.

Eye-Catching Promotion

The motion, unique design and changing colors of the ads draws attention from every direction and causes a lock-on effect keeping attention of the viewer though a full scrolling series.

Unavoidable and Unforgettable Ads

Our unique way of advertising simply can’t be ignored. It can’t be turned off like a radio or crumpled and thrown away like a flyer, brochure, newspaper or hand-out. Day or Night We Get You Noticed!

Our illuminated/back lit scrolling billboards are sure to draw attention. Smart advertisers have taken advantage of our scrolling billboards by purchasing several ads on one side to tell their story and reinforce their message.

Ideal Advertising For:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Shows
  • Event Promotions
  • Retail Grand Opening
  • Brand Awareness

Advantages of Mobile Billboards Advertising

  • At Loud Media Mobile Billboards, our trucks can go where traditional billboards can’t.
  • Mobile billboards enable us to take your message directly to your target audience of predefined demographics at designated times.
  • Provides a street level presence that is difficult to ignore.
  • Traditional billboards are very cost prohibitive, where our mobile billboard are fraction of the cost.
  • Brings outdoor advertising within everyone’s reach.
  • Mobile scrolling billboards always catch the consumer’s eye without becoming stale and ineffective after a period of time like the traditional billboards.

Compare Mobile Adversiting to Traditional Advertising and see the BIG difference!