Loud Media Mobile Billboards vs. Traditional Billboards

  • Cost – For the price of one billboard advertising month, Loud Media Mobile Billboards can deliver your message for several months.
  • Blocked visibility – Either by other billboards or large trucks, etc.
  • Damaged Boards – Repairs may not take place for some time and the message is lost in this time.
  • A typical billboard is located at least 1,000 feet away from the motorist and appears to be 4 inches high from the driver. Literally seconds later, the driver speeds past the message and the driver’s attention is focused elsewhere. Loud Media Mobile Billboards message visibly dominates the driver’s field of view, often for miles.
  • Research shows that mobile advertising is over twice as effective as stationary outdoor advertising.

It usually requires several roadside billboard placements placed at strategic locations around town to equal the effect of one Loud Media Mobile Billboard.

Loud Media Mobile Billboards vs. TV

Television advertising has captivated viewers for years especially during prime time hours. However there is more to it that meets the eye.

  • The cost of a 30 second commercial which may or may not be seen costs the same as an entire year of Loud Media Mobile Billboards advertising. Your ad with Loud Media Mobile Billboards is displayed 288,000 times over a 2 year time frame compared to 30 seconds of TV advertising.
  • Not many people watch regular TV anymore, we all know this, people now mostly watch satellite or cable TV, also, in numerous instances, TV advertisements can be missed as the viewer simply isn’t watching, and there is no guarantee that the viewer is tuned into the desired channel to see your advertisement.
  • The people have the power to see your advertisement, and can simply mute the audio message, skip through it, or simply switch channels or turn off altogether and your message is then lost.

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