Loud Media Mobile Billboard Advertising

Loud Media Mobile Billboards are Outdoor Mobile Advertising Billboards that use an innovative system of illuminated scrolling displays to achieve maximum visual impact.

The scrolling displays attract attention through personalized billboard advertisements showing on all three sides of our mobile trucks. We take your message directly to potential customers, getting their attention through brilliant colors, remarkable backlighting and constant movement. The ads on our trucks rotate every ten seconds; just long enough to leave a lasting impression and short enough to keep your attention until the next scrolling ad appears.

Your mobile advertising billboard is visible to people who drive, live, work and socialize within that area or travel be it on foot, by car or by public transportation. The potential audience this offers your ad is massive.
Our mobile advertising trucks operate 8 hours per day, including rush hours, assuring that your ad will be seen by thousands of people.
Our overall strategy is to have a Moving Message truck where it can be viewed by the largest number of people.

During a typical day each ad gets displayed at least 400 times and is viewed by thousands of consumers.

The most current studies in the advertising industry conclude that rotating advertisements are more highly effective than static displays because they attract more attention. The scrolling ads grab people’s attention because they deviate from typical, stationary advertisements. Not convinced? Look around and see the vastly increasing number of rotating ads in shopping centers, stations, airports and sporting venues. Next time there is a televised football match, try NOT to notice the advertising boards which have come a long way in terms of grabbing attention in recent years.
Not only do the changing advertisements on our mobile displays attract attention themselves, our state-or-the-art trucks makes them impossible to miss.

Loud Media Mobile Billboards are eye-catching and instantly grab your prospects attention using our “WOW” factor.

  • First they see our unusual, highly visible trucks.
  • Then they notice that our billboards actually move. Our scrolling billboards use high impact graphics and state of the art printing technology.
  • In addition, we utilize powerful and unique backlighting that brings your advertising message to life in vivid colors.
  • Your prospects view your message and are left with a tremendous visual impression.

Loud Media Billboards takes your message to the street, directly where your prospects DRIVE, LIVE, WORK, PLAY, TRAVEL and SHOP. We can be found at congested junctions, massive crowd gatherings, and where heavy vehicle or foot traffic is.